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Thesis defense

Agnès CHAN will defend her PhD thesis « Innovative numerical schemes for 3D supersonic aerodynamics on unstructured mesh » on November 18th 2022 14h00 (2 pm) at Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux  (IMB) in  « Salle de Conference » (Conference Room) building A33 Keywords: Hyperbolic system of conservation laws, Godunov-type scheme, simple approximate Riemann solver, […]


ATD3 overview

More than 50 participants gathered during two days in Bordeaux for a successful meeting on space debris reentry in the frame of Europe endeavour for clean space   The Workshop on AeroThermoDynamics and Design for Demise ([1] [2] [3]), managed by ESA and CNES, and locally organized by the HyFAR-ARA association, was hosted this year […]


ATD3 Workshop 2022

The AeroThermoDynamics and Design for Demise (ATD3) Workshop managed by ESA and CNES will take place in Bordeaux from 27 to 28 October 2022. HyFAR-ARA is locally in charge of the Workshop organisation.   The congestion of the terrestrial orbits Since the launch of the first Sputnik in 1957, more than 6,000 rockets have put […]

New administration board

The annual meeting of HyFAR-ARA Members Assembly has been held on Tuesday April  19th 2022 in Bordeaux. The activity report presented by the President and the financial report presented by the Treasurer have been unanimously approved by the Members Assembly. This meeting concluded the 3 years mandate of the administration board and the executive board […]

Rarefied hypersonics : HERA workshop

HERA stands for Hypersonique des Ecoulements RAréfiés (rarefied hypersonic flows). The workshop, which took place on October 14 and 15 at ONERA’s Fauga-Mauzac experimental site, addressed the issue through some fifteen 30-minute presentations, leaving ample time for interactive exchanges, which were greatly appreciated. The thirty or so people present during the two days devoted to […]


HERA Workshop (14-15 Oct 2021)

The workshop « Rarefied hypersonic flows” is scheduled from 14 to 15 October 2023. HyFAR-ARA is one of this event’s partners. The workshop, organized by ONERA in partnership with CEA and HyFAR-ARA, will take place at ONERA facility of Le Fauga-Mauzac (close to Toulouse, France). The objective is to gather a community of scientists, engineers […]


Successful seminar

The virtual seminar on laminar/turbulent transition in hypersonic regime scheduled on 25 and 26 May 2021 by the HyFAR-ARA association has gathered more than 80 participants from France (CEA, MBDA, ArianeGroup, ONERA, ISAE, Institut P’…), United Kingdom (Southampton University), Germany (DLR, TU Münich), Belgium (VKI), Netherlands (ESA) and USA(NASA, Purdue University, University of Tennessee). The […]


Credit : CNRS/ICARE   On March 29, 2021, the CNRS became the sixth member of the HyFAR-ARA association. CNRS is a French multidisciplinary research organization, responsible for identifying, carrying out or commissioning research of interest to science as well as to the technological, social and cultural progress of the country. With a budget of more […]