SC-X01 capsule on Ariane 6

ArianeGroup’s SC-X01 atmospheric re-entry demonstrator will be embarked on the maiden flight FM1 of ARIANE 6 (currently scheduled for mid-2024 [1]).   The purpose of the SC-X01 capsule is to prepare a commercial service called "SpaceCase",…

Reentry vehicle ablation

Maxime Stuck thesis « Ablation d’un matériau de protection thermique en régime turbulent » (« Thermal protection material ablation in turbulent regime ») has been defended on December 12th 2023 (ISAE-Université de Toulouse). The thesis…
abstracts submission deadline extension

Abstracts deadline extension

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2nd European Symposium on Laminar/Turbulent Transition in Hypersonic Regime. 4 to 6 October 2023 – Bordeaux (France) The abstracts submission deadline as been extended from May 6th to May 31st 2023. Other key dates to symposium start…
DNS computation


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2nd European Symposium on Laminar/Turbulent Transition in Hypersonic Regime : Bordeaux (France) from 4th to 6th October 2023 Organized by the HyFAR-ARA association and supported by specialists from ArianeGroup, CEA, DLR, ESA, INRIA, MBDA,…

Thesis defense

Agnès CHAN will defend her PhD thesis « Innovative numerical schemes for 3D supersonic aerodynamics on unstructured mesh » on November 18th 2022 14h00 (2 pm) at Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux  (IMB) in  « Salle de Conference »…