HERA Workshop (14-15 Oct 2021)


The workshop « Rarefied hypersonic flows” is scheduled from 14 to 15 October 2023. HyFAR-ARA is one of this event’s partners.

The workshop, organized by ONERA in partnership with CEA and HyFAR-ARA, will take place at ONERA facility of Le Fauga-Mauzac (close to Toulouse, France). The objective is to gather a community of scientists, engineers and numerical simulation specialists to exchange views on hypersonic flows in rarefied regime.

The workshop topic is related to various applications. One of them is the satellites demise upon atmospheric reentry when they reach their life end, and the subsequent history of debris stemming from satellites breakout. Many other scientific and technologic areas are concerned: high-speed transportation, probes return from distant planets, Moon return, etc…

The discussions and invited lectures will address the complete chain of analysis, from physics modeling and numerical simulation, till experimental tests and conception of innovative diagnostics required to validate the models.

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