A successful symposium

TRANSITION 2023 (4th-6th October 2023 - Bordeaux France) : group photo

The second edition[1] of the European Symposium on laminar/turbulent Transition in Hypersonic Regime (TRANSITION 2023) has been organized by HyFAR-ARA (www.hyfar-ara.org) at Cap Sciences (Bordeaux, France) from October 4th to  6th 2023.

During 3 days this event has gathered 50 scientists and engineers coming from Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, US and issued from academic, public and industrial organizations. The symposium gave to the participants  the opportunity to exchange their knowledge about laminar-to-turbulent transition in hypersonic regime. During this fruitful meeting this subtle topic has been investigated not only from the point of view of physical modeling, but also with respect to numerical simulation and experimental validation. Hypersonic transition, as underlined by many speakers, remains a critical issue which has a direct impact on hypersonic vehicles performances.

We had the privilege to hear two outstanding keynote lectures:

  • Hypersonic laminar-turbulent transition: an overview by Pr. Steve Schneider from Purdue University (US);
  • HIFiRE – Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition Experiments on sounding rockets by Dr. Sebastian Willems from DLR (Germany).

The scientific presentations have been given in 7 technical sessions encompassing the following topics:

  1. flight tests, ground tests (1/2), design
  2. damping materials, stag point instabilities
  3. experimental studies on generic shapes (cone-cylinder-flare)
  4. flow control, streaks effects
  5. advanced simulation methods
  6. ground tests (2/2)
  7. RANS simulations.

There was a wide consensus at the end of the symposium about programming a 3rd edition. Dates and location are to be confirmed.

The commitment of the Scientific Committee and the Organization Committee have greatly contributed to the success of this scientific event. We wish to acknowledge the financial support of our sponsors: the CEA and Ariane Group. We also warmly thank the staff of Cap Sciences for their constant and efficient technical support.

To learn more : TRANSITION 2023 homepage


[1]   The first edition was held via teleconference in May 2021