New administration board

The annual meeting of HyFAR-ARA Members Assembly has been held on Tuesday April  19th 2022 in Bordeaux.

The activity report presented by the President and the financial report presented by the Treasurer have been unanimously approved by the Members Assembly.

This meeting concluded the 3 years mandate of the administration board and the executive board that had been elected in 2019. Both were to be replaced by new boards during this meeting.

The new administration board proposed to the Members Assembly is shown in the table below. The Assembly unanimously approved the proposal.


new administration board

The 2022-2025 administration board


The Members Assembly meeting was followed by a meeting of the administration board whose purpose was to elect the new executive board.

As the association activity has considerably increased over the past 3 years despite the COVID pandemic, the executive board workload increased as well. The administration board thus adopted the principle of a new executive board member who will serve as deputy secretary.

The final outcome of the vote is summarized in the table below.


The 2022-2025 executive board

The 2022-2025 executive board